Therapy for Children and Parents

Every family is different, and I shape my approach to the unique needs of the family. Many children (and parents) need help developing greater tolerance for frustration, transitions, and stress, and this is where we begin. Usually, our sessions are active and playful.

Parent and child doing sensory exercise in body socks

Parent and child doing sensory exercise in body socks

Parenting support

Sometimes what a family needs the most is for parents to get support, strengthen their skills, and build their own capacity for self-regulation. We may work all together in the family group or have separate sessions just for parents, or both.


SMART (Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment)

SMART is an approach that incorporates psychotherapy, somatic awareness, sensory integration, play, attachment, and family therapy. It was developed at the Justice Resource Institute's Trauma Center in Boston. In my office, we have a SMART corner lined with mats and big pillows, where we can engage in play activity that helps children develop more regulation. This creates room for the child to have better relationships and improved self-esteem. To learn more, click here.



Theraplay, founded in 1975, is an approach designed to build better relationships between children and parents by strengthening healthy attachment. It develops four basic components of parenting: nurture, structure, engagement, and challenge. Theraplay sessions are fun and playful, and focus on the parent-child connection. Theraplay can be especially helpful for families with children that experienced early attachment rupture due to adoption or separation between parent and child because of illness, hospitalization, addiction, divorce, or for other reasons. To learn more, click here.

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