My clients often come in feeling frustrated for not being able to change. They feel demoralized to be struggling so much in ways that can be baffling to them or the people who love them. Both adults and children often feel that it’s their fault they’re stuck. We can shift these dynamics through building trust, human connection, acceptance, and learning to stay regulated under stress, without walling off the scary parts of ourselves. It can also be reassuring to find out that there are clear reasons why our brains and bodies react as they do.

I work with both children and adults. At first, these sound very different, but there are overlaps. Adults need to feel accepted, and gradually learn to retell their life story in ways that help them heal from dynamics that began in childhood. Children also need to feel accepted, and will begin to act differently as they feel they can be themselves.

With adults, therapeutic work might happen through conversation and exploring emotions; with children, through play or movement. While the process will be different for each client, there is always room for humor and creating a sense of safety. Together we will find movement and lightness in things that have felt tight and stuck.

I work with children in person. For adults, I offer in-person or virtual sessions. I love working with people who are TLGBQ+ or in nontraditional relationships.

You can easily schedule a free consultation call and ask any questions you have—and get a sense of whether we’d be a good fit. Schedule a call here:

Alex is trained in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) and is informed by Internal Family Systems (IFS) and somatic practices. Alex received their master’s degree from Hunter College/Silberman School of Social Work and has worked clinically in schools and in psychotherapy settings. Before becoming a therapist, Alex worked as a children’s play advocate and consultant, most recently at The Yard adventure playground on Governor’s Island.

Alex can be reached at

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