Clinical Supervision

Terésa Stern offers consultation and supervision to clinicians seeking to strengthen their practice, skills, and presence. Terésa consults with seasoned therapists as well as early career clinicians. Consults may be one-offs, monthly, biweekly, or weekly, in an individual or small group format.

Adult Therapists

We can discuss specific modalities, delve into cases, explore transference/counter-transference, and consider how to integrate different modalities—for instance, SE and IFS.

Child Therapists

Are you seeking more experiential, embodied approaches in your work with children? Terésa has over 10 years’ experience using somatic, sensory-motor, and other experiential modalities with children. She has given presentations on this topic for the Somatic Experiencing Institute and numerous other organizations. She has worked with many dysregulated children, combining Somatic Experiencing, Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Theraplay, Safe and Sound Protocol, and Internal Family Systems.

Pre-Licensed Therapists

At Mindful Therapy Brooklyn, we are always looking for creative therapists who are interested in experiential modalities to join our team. If you are an MSW, MHC, or CAT who is seeking to earn supervision hours and continue training in a supportive and stimulating environment, please contact us.

Supervision Testimonials

Working under Terésa’s supervision has been an ideal setting for learning, experimenting and growing. She provides support and guidance while also respecting your innate skills and independence as a practitioner. I entered our supervision meetings knowing that I could share vulnerably and be met with non-judgment and safety, which I so valued. I also appreciate that Terésa encouraged my entrepreneurial development as well as my growth as a clinician. For someone who aims to launch their own private practice, Mindful Therapy Brooklyn is a nurturing place to begin the journey!

— Anna Holtzman, LMHC

Member of the MTB Team for 3 years

I’m glad to have found Teresa as a supervisor. She has been working by my side on the toughest of my cases and I have found her to be bright, compassionate, open-minded, and a great collaborator. She has taught me creative and unique techniques, using somatic and parts work, that have led my clients to feel both supported and challenged. I’m seeing some great progress in their work, and many seem to be living more flexibly and are unsticking from stuckness. Having been in the field for many years, I came to her rather burnt out and with stale feelings about the work. Now I’m feeling more confident and invigorated again since I’ve been learning something new each and every session. I would highly recommend her as a supervisor or consultant to anyone!

— Heather Coleman, LCSW, Consultee
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