My approach to therapy is humanistic and collaborative, and I begin by meeting my clients where they’re at. I value curiosity and compassion as part of my process, and incorporate mindfulness practices, along with bringing focus to the nervous system. My intention is to create a reflective space to welcome any and all feelings that come up.

I enjoy working with teens and adults who are experiencing anxiety related to social settings, work, academics, performance and perfectionism. I specialize in self-esteem, relationships, identity, attachment-related issues, adoption and life transitions.

I offer art-making as a visual way to process emotions and experiences, going beneath the surface of traditional talk therapy. Art-making is a pathway for learning about yourself–– it promotes self-expression and self-awareness. It does not require a background in studio art, and is offered as an invitation to deepen the therapeutic work.

I received my MPS in Art Therapy and Creativity Development from Pratt Institute, and worked in school and hospital settings before transitioning into private practice in 2019. I’m trained in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP), Theraplay, Integrated Attachment Family Therapy, certified in the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP,) and currently learning Internal Family Systems.

Jenny can be reached at Website:

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