I believe that physical and emotional safety and connection within a therapeutic relationship can help clients access and heal their relationships with themselves and others. For this reason, I deeply value the relationship I form with clients.

I offer support to adult and adolescent clients with empathy and curiosity, as they move through old feelings, bring attention to their present bodily experience, and build trust in themselves. I will reflect and validate your internal life and external experience, notice what might be happening between us in the moment, and encourage self-exploration. We can collaborate on how to approach your treatment, based on your needs.

Some of the issues I work with are anxiety, depression, and life transitions. I’m an LGBTQ-affirming clinician and have experience working with issues particular to LGBTQ+ folks. I’m trained and experienced in working with grief and loss.

I also offer ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) and integration sessions. I believe that with intention and openness, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy can create space for the emergence of inner healing intelligence. Along with awareness, practice, insight, and self-compassion, KAP offers clients an opportunity to see themselves and others from a new perspective. KAP also enables new neural pathways to grow, supporting healthier habits of mind and behavior.

I graduated with a BA in English from Barnard College, an MS.Ed. in Infant and Family Development and Early Intervention/Early Childhood Education from Bank Street College, and an MS.Ed. in Mental Health Counseling from CUNY Hunter College. I have over 15 years’ experience as a trauma-informed, early childhood special educator and mental health consultant. I’ve also been a hospice volunteer, and completed trainings in grief counseling and end-of-life doula work. Other areas I’ve trained in are cultural humility, working with shame, Internal Family Systems (IFS), treatment strategies for habits and addictions, and psychedelic therapy.

It would be an honor to connect with and bear witness to your process. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, please contact me at eva@mindfultherapybrooklyn.com or call (845) 853-0510.

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